Patent Wars: Apple Fires Off New Suit Against Samsung Citing AutoCorrect & More

The Apple Samsung patent war continues. Earlier this week Apple’s lawyers filed a new suit in a San Jose Federal Court.

The new suit is based on two patents that were granted to Apple in December. Most of the documents relating to the new suit are locked up tight however they cite patent numbers 8,074,172 and 8,086, 604.  The first patent centers around spelling and autocorrect.  The other patent is cited in the case is described as a  ““universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system.”

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When it comes to auto-correct this may be something that ends up facing all Android devices as there is auto-correct built into the native Android keyboard as well as the Swype keyboard that Samsung installs on many of it’s Android devices. However no device model numbers have been made public yet, in this particular suit.

The other patent pertains to some kind of sync feature. We’re not sure if this is cloud based syncing or cable based syncing. Samsung Android devices support many different kinds of sync. Mass storage, Android Transfer Protocol and Kies are the most common forms of sync found in Samsung’s Android devices.

As Apple loses more and more injunctions internationally it is clear that they are not going to give up persuing Samsung.

In 2011 Apple was also granted a patent over multi-touch technology which we are sure we will start seeing in patent lawsuits soon enough.

Source: GigaOM via Phonedog and Phonescoop

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  1. Apple is not JOKING around and each manufacturer should concentrate on bringing their own innovations to their devices or license the IP. Google has set a bad example and it’s creating a major headache for their partners. Don’t take this lightly! Apple isn’t going to stop until all of their innovations are removed from competitng devices and may kill Google in the process. This is as serious as it gets with two competing companies. 

    They are also suing Motorola over four new patents, and Florian Mueller coined this one, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Lawsuit”. They’ve also given Pegatron an ultimatum to either produce the ASUS ultrabook or the Macbook Air. This Ultrabook copies the design of the MacBook AIr and they are tired of the competition copying their designs. If true, it is believed Pegatron will stop work on the ASUS Ultrabook. It’s getting serious, folks.

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