Hands on with the Toshiba Folio Tablet!

IFA this year is all about tablets (or whatever they want to call them), and with The Droid Guy digging through all the amazing setups at IFA, we’re showing you some of the Face Time he got with the Toshiba Folio. This isn’t the first time the Folio has made news, but it is definitely the first

Huawei Concept Andoid Phone brings a cool new form factor

Berlin Germany- When we stopped by the Huawei booth we were treated to the IDEOS line, just announced to come to the US at a lower pice point and for pre-pay customers. The IDEOS is a solid line for enty-midrange Android devices. Our Senior Editor Russell Holly will soon add more to the Huawei IDEOS

Samsung IFA Live

Samsung’s Patrick Povel on IT SF Series notebooks Light weight Sleek design Extra slim lithium polymer battery for 7.5 hours Intel I5 RF-Series Nvidia quad core Bluray Hd+ resolution Samsung Start technology open lid and start working

Samsung IFA Live: WCG

President of Samsung Europe welcomes competitors from all over the world to the Games. The championship will be in Los Angeles September 30th 2010. The Samsung Galaxy S is the official mobile device for the games.

Verizon offers up pay-as-you-go Data!

Android’s original mission statement was to offer devices of all types to as many people as possible. First, the four major carriers got their own compliment of Android phones, then recently, prepaid companies and smaller carriers started getting them. A push for devices offered in a prepaid format for major carriers has been  around since

Wireless printing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Over the next few week, the big topic on everyone’s tongues whe it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be pitting it against it’s only real market competition, the Apple iPad. What features are better, screen, battery life, etc. will all be compared to determine device superiority. And Android tablet has an

Samsung Galaxy Beam makes appearance at IFA but probably not US

After the Samsung Press Conference highlighting their “Creating A Smarter Life” Campaign and the official European launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab we headed over to the Samsung Booth. Now when I say booth don’t think 12′ of table space and some curtain and drape, no the Samsung Booth at the IFA Show is the

Samsung IFA Live Galaxy Tab Q&A

Differences Between Ipad & Galaxy Tab: -Galaxy tab 2 cameras front and back – video conferencing on 3g or wifi – video camera – ipad is a lap or “living room” device the Samsung Galaxy Tab is designed for portability