Gingerbread Rumors Heating Up, Monday looks The Best?

The interwebs has been all a buzz over some Gingerbread. We’re not talking about Gingerbread donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, or Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks. Nope, we’re talking about the next version of Android (2.3). This highly anticipated roll out from Google is expected any second now. Fresh baked Gingerbread cookies, Androided out, were served on

Android Friday at Best Buy

The Friday after Thanksgiving is commonly known as “Black Friday”when retailers make the move from red to black. Best Buy, the nations largest consumer electronics retailer is known for their extremely cost conscious “Door Busters” opening as early as 5AM in some markets. This year Best Buy Mobile offers are all about Android and include:

Netflix To Android in Early 2011

In a blog post today on the official Netflix blog, Product Development Head, Greg Peters addressed Android. The popular Netflix app is a staple among iPad and iPhone users. Netflix is also available on Windows Phone 7 devices. There has been a ripple through b the Android community as of late because Netflix skipped over

Fox Dumps Google TV That Leaves us With, What the CW?

Top TV Blog site GTV is reporting that Fox has joined CBS, ABC and NBC in blocking internet content from Google TV devices. You may remember in October 2010 we attended the exciting launch of Google TV, in the video demonstration we have at the bottom of this piece, they show how seamlessly it is

Verizon adds Motorola Citrus Today! Eco-Friendly Affordable Android

Although the specs of the Motorola Citrus, on Verizon Wireless, may not turn the heads of tech enthusiasts, it’s a great stepping stone for feature phone users migrating to smartphones. The Motorola Citrus is an entry level Android phone with a conscious. Made from 25% post consumer recycled plastic, the Motorola Citrus also boasts Android

Exclusive: Samsung responds to developer concerns over Continuum

The Samsung Continuum is not for everyone. It’s not going to get love from the geardheads in the Android Family, but it’s not a budget phone either. So where’s the appeal group? In my opinion, it’s two fold. I see the interest groupd here being anyone interested in the exploration of the new, and developers

2011 CES concert headliner: Earth Wind & Fire

Noel Lee, Head Monster at Monster Cable has reveled that the artist for the 2011 CES concert is Earth Wind & Fire. Earth Wind & Fire is still in its original line up and celebrating their 40th year in the music business.

Live at CES Unveiled

4:53pm question asked about connected appliance area. Whirlpool and GE are the largest vendors. 4:50pm Q&A started. Question asked about NAB and royalties for cellphones in regard to radio. 4:40pm Noel Lee of Monster reveals, Monster Cables 2011 concert act is: Earth Wind And Fire 4:39pm Transcend goggles feature a head mounted display, 6 hours

Android’s negative effect on Symbian

With the recent onslaught of stories regarding Android’s positive impact on both carrier and manufacturer growth, there is one aspect of the wireless industry that has suffered do to the implosion of Android. That wireless industry initiative is the Symbian foundation. The Symbian Foundation is a non profit organization that organizes and evangelises the Symbian