Alternative white battery plate for the Incredible?

White Android phones are on their way. the White EVO at Best Buy, the Motorola Droid 2 R2D2, and now the HTCIncredible? Sort of. Leaked photos on The Droid Life this morning revealed an alternative battery plate from HTC showing all white. While cases and third party replacements already exist for several phones, an alternate

Gadget Review – Jabra STONE

Since there are a million bluetooth headsets out there – I very rarely bother even trying more than one ever couple of months. If they look nice, chances are they don’t work well. If they work well, it’s likely uncomfortable to wear. If it’s comfortable to wear, they usually aren’t even very good. I won’t

Now This.. Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab launch

After months of rumors and even the guys at Crunch saying that an August 11th Samsung Consumer Electronics Event would be the launch of the Galaxy Tab, we are 100% certain that the invitation above is for the Galaxy Tab event. will be covering the event live on a Samsung Sponsored trip to the

Droid Incredible 2.2 update happening RIGHT NOW!

Incredible users, your wait is over! As of right now, Verizon is pushing out the 2.2 update to your phones. Alongside the wait for that sweet tasty FroYo is news that Adobe’s Flash 10.1 will be installed in the update, and new Incredibles will have it pre-installed. Other features in the update include being Mobile

More bad press about Android Development from Facebook Dev

The increase in popularity Android has seen in this past year has brought about a flocking of developers from all walks to our beloved OS. WinMo hardliners, Web only devs, and even some talented iOS developers have made their way to Android. While the apps keep piling in, and the quality of the apps is

Verizon pushing flash enabled update to Droid 1

Verizon Wireless has reported this morning via an analyst in their communications department that they have begun to push the update to the Motrola Droid 1 that will enable users to download Adobe Flash 10.1 to their handsets via the Android Market. We are not sure when the update will hit your specific Droid 1

No sex in the champagne room? Not according to Samsung!

Smartphones are great. I cannot begin to tell you how this phone has become such a part of my life, and how much LESS time I spend at the computer because of this device. Are you like me? Probably. In fact, a survey from Samsung recently tells me that alot of you are exactly like

HTC & Texas Instruments join the Android Barbecue Roster

Austin TX- Ok Here it comes are you ready:  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 months than undoubtedly you’ve heard about the Big Android Barbecue, if you haven’t get here now The weekend of October 1-3 nearly 1000 Android fans, enthusiasts, developers, app developers, carriers, partners, and vendors will

App Battle: Twitter Apps

By Andrew C. Special Contributor TDG Online Welcome to the Android app battleground, readers! As a recent Blackberry to Android convert, I am finding there are a ton of great apps out there, and choosing among them all is difficult, and time consuming. This is where I will be putting some of the best Android apps to

Swype takes the World record on a Galaxy S!

Swype, for those of you who aren’t able to get it, is a great way to use your on-screen keyboard to type faster, by simply drawing the words you want. The virtual keyboard has been available on many of the new Android phones like the Droid X and the MyTouch 3G Slide, but it is

The Evolution of Samsung and Android

When thinking about Android and manufacturers many think HTC and the G1 first and the Motorola Droid second. Why, because Google’s Open Source operating platform originally rolled out on the G1. In fact, prior to the Nexus One, everyone was calling the G1 the “Google Phone” The “G” was for Google right? The next biggest

Samsung surpasses all others with Divx HD stamp!

One of the biggest discussion points for any Android device is it’s ability to act as a portable media device. The generally accepted opinion of the music app included in the stock OS is one of mostly bland and somewhat negative stance. The saving grace could be in how it handles streaming movies and playback.

Why Did You Get an Android Phone?

By Matthew G. Special Contributor TDG Online Let’s be honest, as much as we all love Andy, there was a time when we didn’t know him. It’s almost two years since the G1 launched on T-Mobile and Android has grown to one of the most popular mobile OSes available. From the Motorola Cliq to the

Samsung Leaks Out Video of Galaxy S Tab

One story we’ve stayed on top of for the past couple of months is the release of the Samsung Galaxy S Tab. Samsung has a big feat ahead of them by bringing their signature Galaxy S line to a tablet.  This may be the first tablet that can actually rival, and then beat the Ipad.