Verizon Wireless Rolls Out Chicken Soup December 5th (LTE)

Yes you heard it right Verizon Wireless is kicking off their 4G LTE campaign this Sunday with 38 Cities across the country.  According to Verizon Wireless’ Tony Melone on a conference call with reporters (thedroidguy included), Verizon’s LTE Chicken Soup will cover most of the I95 Corridor and most major cities from coast to coast.

LTE: Live Verizon LTE Rollout part 2

11:36 Ina Fried: talk a little bit about the hurdles of mixing voice and data 11:27AM Firece Wireless: How will  you let consumers know how much data they use  Answer: Alerts set up to alert consumers at 50% 75% 90% 100%. Access Manager will tell consumers total actual data anytime 11:25am Question: Roger Chang Dow

Live: Verizon Wireless LTE 4G Rollout Conference

11:18 Speeds 10-12mbps down load speed with a 2mbps upload 11:17AM  LG USB Stick at roll out $99.99 with a $50 mail in rebate. Pantech is very soon after. Both devices are backwards compatible at 3G Network 11:16AM Melone says there will be NO LIMIT you can use as much as you want at $10

Apple Pulls Anti-Gay App off Market

We reported over the weekend that an app  entitled Manhattan Declaration, was available in the Apple app market. The application was based on the Manhattan Declaration which was penned by Catholic and Christian leaders and condemned same sex unions as “an erosion of marriage”.  The app was sent through the market with a 4+ rating

Wil Wheaton Uses Unrevoked to Root his HTC Incredible

Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and Comicon Android loving junkees please stand up, your fearless leader has rooted his HTC Droid Incredible with a little help from unrevoked. Earlier today Wil Tweeted: About to root my HTC Incredible, using Anything I should know before I do from experienced rooters? And a bit later he

Myspace: We’re Not Dead Yet; Releases New Mobile Site

At the beginning of the month and many other sites reported that Myspace was on it’s last leg. Chase Carey, President of News Corp, spoke very negatively about the results Myspace was currently seeing. Myspace has reported today that they are revamping their mobile site in hopes to attract new users, and to re-engage

Dell Streak Update to Android 2.2 and More

We’ve heard a lot about different color versions of the Dell Streak and it’s availability in Best Buy. We also know that the new Dell Streaks are reportedly coming out of the box with Android 2.2 “Froyo”. We also learned from Phandroid back in the early part of  November  that an OTA (Over the air)

Verizon Does ANYTHING to Not Use Google on Android LOL

** This story about an advertising faux pas should be taken in jest** As you know has been relentless in it’s quest to send out the message that BING on a Google Android OS is just, well WRONG.  We are pretty confident that we have now figured out that Verizon Wireless will use Microsoft’s

Angry Birds And Then There Were 8

Today in a tweet to our friend Todd Haselton over at Rovio Mobile confirmed that they have now had over 8Million downloads of the smash hit Angry Birds. Angry Birds released for Android via and then the Android market in mid October and it has been a smash hit ever since. It was