Giorgio Armani Teams with Samsung for Chic Galaxy S Phone

Samsung Mobile has announced that they’ve teamed up with designer Giorgio Armani to release a chic and sophisticated Galaxy S phone. The Samsung Galaxy S phones feature a brilliant Super AMOLED display, swype technology, Android 2.1 and many other great features.  Giorgio Armani is known for their ellegant, luxurious sophistication. Put the two together and

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Customizable Launcher and 3G hotspot

We’ve been bringing you the goods on the Samsung Galaxy Tab since we were at the unveiling in Germany at IFA in September. We’ve got countless posts spreading the good word. So now we are going to start highlighting some of the coolness it has inside. Sure we are going to point out what the

Nexus S Makes Appearance At Web 2.0

As we expected and reported yesterday with tips from AndroidCentral and Engadet, the much talked about and highly anticipated Nexus S was shown off moments ago at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco. The Nexus S, originally leaked on was rumored to be announced at the Samsung Continuum event in New York on

Looxcie The Absolute Coolest Must Have Android Accessory!

Chalk this up to, the iPhhone can’t do this… Yet! The must have gadget accessory for your Android phone, 2.x or better, that has to go as one of your Chanukah gifts or in your Christmas stocking is the Looxcie (pronounced look-see).  Cool name but what is it? The Looxcie is a bluetooth boom camera that

Samsung Releases Galaxy Tabs’ Source Code

File that under “That didn’t take long!”. Samsung Telecommunications has released the source code for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, affectionately known around these parts as the “G-Tab”. At the present time only the T-Mobile and Sprint source is available. Just a few days ago both root access and phone functionality became available on the T-Mobile

Comcast Jumps on the NO to Google TV Bandwagon

It’s disheartening that every time I turn around there is another company that has decided not to play nice with Google TV. Since it’s release last month Google TV has lost, not gained, more and more content. The latest provider to announce they aren’t supporting Google TV is Comcast and their Xfinity Everywhere Play.  Comcast

Slacker Radio Baby Number 5

We’re halfway through the Slacker Baby contest. We had to take a break from clues to cover some events but here come the last 5 well at least number 5. Correctly identify the baby in the song clip below and win 3 months free slacker – You must be following @slackerradio and @thedroidguy on twitter

Gingerbread Rumors Heating Up, Monday looks The Best?

The interwebs has been all a buzz over some Gingerbread. We’re not talking about Gingerbread donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, or Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks. Nope, we’re talking about the next version of Android (2.3). This highly anticipated roll out from Google is expected any second now. Fresh baked Gingerbread cookies, Androided out, were served on

Android Friday at Best Buy

The Friday after Thanksgiving is commonly known as “Black Friday”when retailers make the move from red to black. Best Buy, the nations largest consumer electronics retailer is known for their extremely cost conscious “Door Busters” opening as early as 5AM in some markets. This year Best Buy Mobile offers are all about Android and include:

Netflix To Android in Early 2011

In a blog post today on the official Netflix blog, Product Development Head, Greg Peters addressed Android. The popular Netflix app is a staple among iPad and iPhone users. Netflix is also available on Windows Phone 7 devices. There has been a ripple through b the Android community as of late because Netflix skipped over