Evolicious The world is ready

I spent most of Tuesday and now a good portion of Monday traveling out west (writing right now from the air) so I didn’t get a chance to do an Evolicious update last night. The EVO is a great great Superphone. If there was a question before there is no doubt about it now, Nexus

Harry McCracken fragmentation blog brings Eureka!

I just read @harrymccracken’s latest blog entry about Android Fragmentation and getting the wording wrong. Good point Harry fragmentation may be the wrong word. But you also may be going after the wrong fish. Yes of course it really sucks when the brand new superphone, the EVO, which officially hits stores in less than 24

EVOLICIOUS- Weekend update

Over the holiday weekend I missed one installment of Evolicious. Of course it was a holiday weekend filled with big events for my main business and of course cookouts and the other assorted Memorial Day weekend festivities. How did the EVO fair? The HTC EVO on the Sprint Now Network faired pretty well. I was

The LG Ally!!!

So I finally got my hands on the LG Ally today and let me start off by saying “WOW” for what is being dubbed a “Mid range” or “Economy” Android handset, LG’s Iron Man 2 phone, The Ally is filled to the brim with features. Starting off you’ll notice it’s running Android 2.1 so right

Evolicious #3

Here is my 3rd installment of EVOLICIOUS! So in the second installment of EVOLICIOUS I talked about downloading the FRING app in the Android market. It has a great consolidated buddy interface and allows you to pull friends/buddies from your Address Book, MSN Live, SIP, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo, Skype, Google Talk and AIM. That’s well


Day 2 of blogging about the EVO this is part 2 of a nine part series that will end the day the EVO goes on sale. Good: Last night my comcast went down for a while and I fired up the Sprint Hotspot. At my home on the outskirts of a 4g market I received


So I just recently got my hands on my very own Sprint HTC EVO 4G. Let me start off by saying it’s got goods and bads and don’t want to ruin it for anybody. The display is absolutely beautiful The camera on the front is extremely useful no more holding the phone and praying you

Android Event Calendar Links

I was scouring the internet and twitter trying to find a comprehensive calendar for Android related events here’s 2 good places to check. Starting off with Androidandme.com’s Android Calendar check out the link below to get to the calendar and then click the button in the bottom right to add it to yours: https://androidandme.com/calendar/ Next

An Open Letter to Chris Morton

Chris, I don’t believe your letter to Dan Hesse could not have been more spot on. As I read and re-read your letter on my Samsung Moment it shed light on why the Android update for Sprint has become such a laughing stock in the twitterverse and blogsphere. In a twitter exchange from one of

What's the deal with the newer Android Phones

I’ve gone back and forth 100 times on whether or not to get a ATT Backflip. I was never impressed with Blur on my Cliq because I have too many social media accounts. In fact I don’t like the HTC Peep/Facebook combo either I actually prefer the Android Facebook app and ebuddy for chatting. There

The New Official List

So yes sometimes I change my android phones around so here is the official list 1st Position: Nexus one on Tmobile. I actually love this phone more than I thought I would I am having some battery issues but the display is CRAZY! and I have it coupled with Shapewriter. On Nexus One’s big screen

The Pin Is Dropping…

If you’ve been around wireless and telecom long enough you’ll know that the title of this blog entry is a reference to Sprint (S) the 3rd largest carrier in the nation. I have a love hate relationship with Sprint. You see in the world of android Sprint is the only carrier that I don’t have

My Top 5 Apps of the week

The Droid guy publishes his top 5 apps for the week… – Twicca I like apps and things with funny names, I love Wacka Flocka Flame… As for twitter though, Twicca is definitely a winner. I don’t think it will run on lower numbered versions of Android but I have it on my Droid (not

Supersonic speculation

Everyone is talking about the supersonic from htc running Android on wimax. I want this phone. Im far from an expert however having once worked for clearwire and investing in it i can tell you a couple things about the different rumors, renders and fakes. 1) its not going to run 3.0 as android is only

My thoughts on ipad

Does anyone remember the press event to announce the iphone? The hoopla, the leakage, then the excitement as even the original iphone rolled out? What about the announcement of the original ipod? Mp3 players had been out for a few years but ipod was special it was a “boo ya” move and Steve Jobs was

Millions of Freaking Apps…

Only a few people will come stand beside me and say hey I am an over the top Android Enthusiast but every computer I own is a mac… Not Many, and I know you’re out there. Since my high school days (in the late 80’s early 90s) sitting in the journalism room with a Mac

2 Really Good Twitter Apps this week

On Saturday I downloaded Xeeku Tweets thanks to @dandroidos And I thought it was love at first site. It’s a very very strong app look for it in the market as Xeeku Tweet. I didn’t like that it said I was posting from generic API but hey thats on them they should fix the signature

Why does their need to be an Iphone Killer

Undoubtedly every time a new phone running the Anroid Operating System comes out it’s touted or doubted to be the Iphone Killer. Why though? Why does there need to be an iphone killer? Pretty crazy words coming from an Android loyalist right? Well consider this, there are still people out there that swear by their