Over 1 billion Android smartphones could be shipped this year: Report

Android Shipments

The demand and popularity of the Android platform is well known to us. A new report by IDC suggests that this could reach new heights in 2014. According to the research firm, over 1 billion Android smartphones could be shipped this year alone, speaking volumes of the demand for this platform. Close to 800 million smartphones were shipped in 2013 according to a previous report from IDC.

The number isn’t surprising by any means given the arrival of low cost smartphones like the Nokia X series and the dominance of juggernauts like Samsung in the high-end smartphone segment. This would effectively give the Android platform a marketshare of 78.9% while the iPhones are expected to sell close to 180 million units giving Apple a marketshare of 14.9%.

Part of the reason for Android’s massive popularity will be the low average selling cost or ASP of $247, while the iPhone has an average cost of $649. But since these are merely speculations at this point, we can’t take them at face value, at least until we venture deeper into 2014.¬†Surprisingly, even with over a billion Android devices expected to be shipped, IDC claims that Android’s growth rate will be slower than ever before.

Source: IDC

Via: Phone Arena