Ouya Dev Kits Available For Pre-Order Starting At $800

If you are a game developer, or even a beginner game developer looking to start on something fair cheap, you might want to take a look at OUYA’s website. The Development Kits as promised — an OUYA console, access to the ODK (Software tools) and two controller — are now available for pre-orders. The development kits come in at $800 per kit, and should be entirely available in January 2013. Just in time for developers to get their stuff ready for a launch in March.

Now, before you rage, keep in mind that this is not the retail pricing of the actual public units. The development kit offer is designed for programmer who want or even need early access to the ODK to make sure that all of their stuff is ready to go when the OUYA console launches in early 2013. Aside from that, development kits usually cost a pretty penny anyway. Just keep in mind that this isn’t an actual retail console (those are priced at $99). To put things in perspective, an Xbox 360 dev kit could cost around $10,000 on the basis that the person using said dev kit does not have a publishing deal. If that person did have a publishing deal, it is most likely that the publisher would hook the developer up with one. If my facts are correct, the PlayStation 3 development kit would also sit around a good $10,000 as well. It’s sort of the average pricing scheme. That said, $800 isn’t bad no matter what way you put it.

This shouldn’t worry the average consumer, as this just means that we will be seeing even more apps and games upon the OUYA’s official launch date. I would say that is a good thing, the more launch titles the better, right? Of course, with Namco jumping on board the OUYA, it is obvious that they would need dev kits if they planned on getting a game on the OUYA as a launch title. If you are looking to pre-order the OUYA development kit, you can hit the source link below. You’ll be taken to the OUYA pre-order page where all the information you need to know about it is. It is also important to note that the team working on the console has said that you need to get your pre-orders in if you plan on developing early as they are in short supply of the kits at this point in time.

The OUYA is set to release in March for Kickstarter backers with a rumored public launch date of April. The console will be shipping with the Tegra 3 quad-core CPU and will be running off Android 4.1. The team hasn’t said anything of Android 4.2 yet, but I would expect the console to get updated to that soon after its launch.

If you’re looking to give the consumer version of the OUYA a pre-order, you can head on over here to do just that.

Are you going to be getting an OUYA dev kit for early development? Sound off in the comments below!

source: OUYA

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  1. I realize that the people behind Ouya need to make money too, but an 800 dollar development kit seems a bit much for a console that’s supposed to be super open to independent developers. Also, since it basically just runs a modified version of Android, couldn’t an aspiring developer just use Android’s development tools after buying a console?

  2. If you are developer and can’t afford an $800 SDK you probably wouldn’t be able to give us good content even if it was free.

  3. This is B.S. $800? charging this amount of the money doesn’t help to bloom this ecosystem at all.

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