Oppo N1 spotted in new images ahead of announcement next month


China seems to be a hotspot for mobile manufacturers right now, with ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo all starting to come over to other countries from the original homeland.

The Oppo Find 5 was the first smartphone with a 1080p screen and arrived in the US and Europe a little while ago. It is one of the best looking Android phones on the market, but the UI is a little ugly and childish, like many skins on Android.

Next in line is the Oppo N1, set to be the newest flagship from Oppo with a new design and hopefully some redesigned UI to fit more in line with regular vanilla Android. Perhaps taking a few queues from HTC, Sony or Motorola’s UI design.

The Oppo N1 looks like an incredibly well built device, following the Oppo Find 5. The new device will come with on-screen buttons or maybe soft-touch buttons, no physical buttons are present on the leaks.

Instead of rounded edges on the Find 5, the Oppo N1 will have a design similar to the Xperia Z. The size of the Oppo N1 is likely to be around 5-inches to 5.5-inches, with a 1080p IPS panel.

Other features on the Oppo N1 include the 13MP camera and a back touch surface. Hopefully Oppo will not slap any physical buttons on the back, distorting the way the phone sits on a desk.