Oppo N-Lens camera phone rendered images surface


Oppo has kept quite regarding the N-Lens camera phone, which some leakers are calling the next device from the Chinese mobile maker. Find 5 pushed the Oppo brand out of China, now the Oppo N-Lens may be the device to put the company against LG and Samsung.

The Oppo N-Lens will go up against the Samsung Galaxy Zoom, Nokia Lumia 1020 and the soon to be released Sony Honami, a true camera phone with specialised camera software and a big camera sensor, for impressive images.

New renders of the Oppo N-Lens show the camera phone with a large sensor, taking up a big chunk of the back screen. Big design lovers will be glad to here the lens doesn’t actually extrude out the phone, meaning a flat surface on the front and back.

Apart from the renderings, we have no idea what the Oppo N-Lens will bring. It does say on one of the renders ’12 megapixels’ a small amount for a camera phone, but one cannot judge the quality of a camera on megapixels alone.


It is a very attractive device on the render, with a matte metal back design, the accent on the camera sensor makes it look like a real camera phone and the large rectangular flash is questionable but looks impressive. It seems Oppo is continuing with the incredible design seen on the Find 5.

We still do not know what Android operating system the phone will run, we hope for Android 4.3 but with Oppo not the closest to Google’s heart, it may be Android 4.2.2 with an scheduled upgrade Android 4.3 sometime down the road.

Specs are still unknown, we would hope to see a 1080p screen and Snapdragon 800 processor, but we are unsure if this is what Oppo is looking to create with this device, we may see a mid-range smartphone with an excellent camera.

Via: Android Community

Source: CNMO