Google Chrome Aw, Snap! Something Went Wrong Error

How To Fix Google Chrome Aw Snap Something Went Wrong Error

  Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular browser that’s being used today. A lot of people prefer using this browser due to its speed. Several tests shows that it is faster in loading web pages when compared to its competitors. Although this is a solid performing application there are instances when certain issues can

Android Phone Not Showing Up On PC

How To Fix Android Phone Not Showing Up On PC Issue

One of the quickest methods to transfer content from your Android phone to a PC or vice versa is by connection both devices using a USB cord. Most of the time the connection will work seamlessly however there are instances when the computer will not recognize the phone. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting

Google Play Store Error Code 910

How To Fix Google Play Store Error Code 910 Issue

The Google Play Store is the default store for Android devices where you can get all of your favorite apps. Downloading an app is as easy as just clicking on it and waiting for it to be installed on your smartphone. Although this is a solid platform there are instances when you might experience issues