OnePlus power bank to go official on March 17

OnePlus power bank

OnePlus celebrated its 1 year anniversary in December by launching a 10,000 power bank meant for mobile devices. However, the company only gave out a tentative “early next year” release date for the accessory. It now seems like the time has come for the power bank to go official as the company has sent out a teaser which mentions a March 17 release date for the device.

It’s pretty self explanatory as we can see the power bank in the teaser, while the words “Ready… Charge!” don’t leave¬†anything to the imagination. The power bank will have a price tag of $14.99, which is quite amazing for an accessory such as this.

Unlike the company’s invite only smartphone sales, we’re guessing the OnePlus power bank will be available for purchase to practically anyone in the world, although the stocks might be limited. Accessories like these tend to fly off the shelves pretty quickly, so make sure you mark your calendars for the 17th of March to be the first to get the new accessory from OnePlus.

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Source: OnePlus – Google+