OnePlus launching DR-1 drone in April

OnePlus DR-1 Drone

OnePlus has been teasing the arrival of a new device for quite some time now. And now that the date is finally near, the company has let slip that this device is actually a drone like device which will be user controlled. This is a completely new territory for OnePlus as the company hasn’t made anything but a smartphone and related accessories.

The company mentions that this drone will make its way to the markets by April through its online store, although it is yet to share details on its exact functioning as well as the pricing. But we can imagine that a product from OnePlus will not be too expensive for the customers knowing that it is one of their key selling points.

So the mystery is still pretty much there at the moment, but at least we now know that it’s not a wireless gaming controller as initially believed.

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Source: @OnePlus – Twitter

Via: Techno Buffalo