OnePlus celebrates one year anniversary with a new 10,000 mAh battery pack

OnePlus Anniversary

OnePlus is celebrating its one year anniversary today, which can only mean good news for existing owners and hopeful buyers. Going by yesterday’s teaser, the company has announced an external battery pack as we predicted, which has a charge capacity of 10,000 mAh. The highlight of this accessory is the $15 price tag it carries, which is much cheaper than most competitive offerings. Since its coming directly from the company, existing customers of the device can buy it with confidence.

Further, the company will be slashing 15% off the asking price from its accessories. The company has also announced the availability of the smartphone without invites for a predefined period to celebrate the anniversary. Needless to say, this will probably not last long given the demand for the handset.

However, it hasn’t been good news all along for the Chinese manufacturer. An Indian court today has ordered the ban of the OnePlus One in the region for using CyanogenMod on its smartphones. This comes after Cyanogen signed an exclusivity deal with an Indian manufacturer, which essentially means that OnePlus can’t sell the handset in the country as long as it’s running CyanogenMod. It’s certainly been a mixed bag for the company today, but we’ll only take out the positives.

Head over to the OnePlus site for more details on the new battery pack and other new offers from OnePlus.

Via: 9to5Google