Official Samsung Gear S2 unboxing video now out

Samsung Gear S2 Unboxing

The #Samsung #GearS2 and the #GearS2Classic will be formally available for purchase today in the U.S. And in order to give users a better idea of what’s exactly being offered along with the smartwatch, the company has now posted an unboxing video.

We see here that the box is quite neatly designed and goes well with the overall design of the watch. Once opened, users will find some extra bands, a charger as well as a dock. There won’t be any other accessories available with the wearable, which is not really a surprise given that smartwatches don’t need a lot more than bands and charging accessories. There’s the standard Quick Start Guide available here as well.

The Gear S2 will cost $299.99 while the Gear S2 Classic will be slightly more expensive at $349.99. One of the major highlights of the Gear S2 is that it’s compatible with a wide range of non-Samsung products. This is a welcome change as older Gear smartwatches were only compatible with Samsung devices (with the exception of the Gear Live). You can check out Samsung’s official page to get a better idea of the compatibility list.

Via: Sam Mobile