Rumor: NVIDIA Looking to Up Its Game by Getting Into Manufacturing


We all know how capable NVIDIA is in making mouth watering chipsets with special emphasis for graphics performance, right since the days of Tegra 2. But with the announcement of the Tegra 4, the company took it up a notch and more. This new chipset was set to be a gamer’s delight with the resounding 72 core GPU. Although its performance is yet to be tested, we can already feel what it’s going to be like. This is also the chipset running on the NVIDIA Shield gaming console which has received plenty of press since the CES demonstration. But if we look at the past couple of years, while there have been plenty of OEMs going with NVIDIA’s SoC, manufacturers mostly confide in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets. This is a trend which we believe will continue during the course of 2013 with the quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro doing wonders already. So how exactly can NVIDIA increase its marketshare? Well, the easy explanation would be to just be better than the competition. Or maybe just make your own devices, like Samsung does for its Exynos chips. And according to reports, it might have come to that now with the chip maker believed to step into the manufacturing business beginning with tablets.

Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Review claims that NVIDIA is heading down that road in 2013. While not exactly in the way one would expect. He claims that NVIDIA will make its own reference designs for a tablet and hire contract manufacturers to produce them for cheap. After this, NVIDIA will sell them to popular regional brands for them to market the device in their respective territory. Since we’re dealing with a low cost tablet here, it goes without saying that these devices will be highly sought after, so NVIDIA should be ready for a rapid increase in demand.

The reason NVIDIA is doing this is to improve marketshare of its chips. Playing soft and expecting manufacturers to approach them is not going to work out in this day and age. By getting in touch with regional brands, NVIDIA can easily market these devices and see to it that they are liked since it has all the control over design and internals. This is reminiscent of what ASUS did back a few years ago, although its story was slightly different. It must be noted though that this rumor states that NVIDIA will not market the device in its own name, and it won’t have any references to NVIDIA on the tablet. This apparently is a decision left completely to the seller of the device. Popular regional brands like Micromax and Lava (India) as well as Wexler and Fly (Russia) along with plenty of others around the world could be approached for this new initiative. The primary focus apparently will be 7 and 10-inch tablets, with the former being the prime focus.

If this plan is initiated, we could certainly see a new revolution in terms of prices of tablets. Since the idea is to bring low cost tablets with top notch performance, the competitors will have to heavily slash the prices of their devices to have some sort of a hold on the market. At the end of the day, the customer is going to win and that is always good news. This plan is believed to be implemented in May or June of this year, so we will wait until then to hear more about this. Of course, all of this is still fairly new, so we would recommend you to take it with a grain of salt. We certainly can’t resist the thought of a low cost-high performance NVIDIA tablet though, something similar to the Nexus 7. Let’s hope it sees the light of the day.

Source: Mobile Review (Translated)
Via: Unwired View