NVIDIA Shield out of stock already with large demand


The NVIDIA Shield was a questionable gaming device, at $299, it was more expensive than the alternative Android consoles, the Ouya and GameStick. The NVIDIA Shield could do more than both those consoles however, with PC streaming and a 6-inch screen for gaming on the go.

It seems the initial response to the NVIDIA Shield has been positive, with the company announcing they will have to bump up stock this next quarter to meet with demand set on the first batch selling out so quickly.

This is good news for NVIDIA, who have not been doing well in the processor space. With dwindling PC sales and a poor performance against Qualcomm in the mobile battle, they need this first party push to keep them afloat in the next two quarters.

We also get a first look at Tegra 4 on the gaming console, with no other manufacturer taking the new processor onto its device. Many have decided to go for the Snapdragon 800, possibly because of higher benchmarking score and due to Qualcomm’s reported cheap processor sale.

The NVIDIA Shield may work out for the company, but the question is how long can the momentum for this product stick. It does not need a gaming community, because it works on Android and Steam, but it needs people interested in playing the console instead of playing it on their PC or Android phone.

Source: GamesIndustry

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