NPD says One in Three is Android!

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online

It’s been a pretty good week for the Android Community. Reports have been flying in left and right with good number all around for the little green guy. The first report that had Android officially over Apple made me stand up and clap (much to my children’s confusion) and I did not think the news could get any better. I did my rounds forum cruising hoping to find some good cheer, and I found some salty salty people carrying the same old tune. Apparently, A significant portion of the Apple fandom says that NPD is the final word on what’s what and who is in what place, and that THEY are the golden standard. I’m sure there will be some different excuse tonight when they see that not only does NPD say that Android is ahead of Apple, but that Android is ahead of EVERYONE!

For the first time since the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2007, RIM fell to second position, as Android took the lead among operating systems in handsets sold to U.S. consumers. NPD’s latest wireless market research reveals that Android accounted for 33 percent of all smartphones purchased in Q2, ahead of RIM (28 percent) and Apple (22 percent).

The first company to knock RIM off it’s coveted perch since 2007? Android is now installed on one of every 3 smartphones sold? With Such a huge victory, how will we celebrate? If only there was some huge get-together right around the corner we could celebrate at…
In celebration of such a great announcement, I have prepared a present for you all using my mildly pathetic photoshop skills. Feel free to use it is your Android Wallpaper in celebration of the day!