Nokia X, X+ and the XL will be able to sideload APKs like a normal Android device

Nokia X

The Nokia X, X+ and the XL were announced earlier today amidst much hype and speculation. While it was confirmed that Nokia will indeed take the Android route, the Finnish manufacturer made it very clear that it doesn’t want to favor Google’s ecosystem. This raised several questions among users about development options and the potential to sideload applications. A new report has now clarified that the trio of Nokia Android devices will indeed be able to sideload applications, just like a regular Android smartphone would.

Even though Nokia uses a heavily skinned version of Android which almost looks like Windows Phone, the smartphones make use of the AOSP or Android Open Source Project ROM based on Android 4.1.2. Owners of the three smartphones might not get a whole lot in terms of future updates. And with the lack of the Google Play Store on the smartphone, side loading applications are pretty much the only option for users.

Via: Phone Arena