Nokia X series gets the axe from Microsoft

Nokia X2

The Nokia X smartphone was a small little experiment from Nokia which has clearly failed to take off. The arrival of low cost smartphones like the Moto E didn’t make it any easier for Nokia. And now, as Microsoft closes in on its acquisition of the Finnish manufacturer, it has decided to stop making Android based Nokia X phones in the future.

In a letter written by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to employees, it is mentioned how the Nokia X design philosophy will slowly shift into Windows Phone in the coming months. The company however makes it very clear that existing Nokia X devices will receive software support for the foreseeable future.

It is rather odd that Microsoft would pull the plug on the Nokia X series especially when the most recent device in the series launched hardly a few weeks ago. But we are not surprised with this move as it was always expected of Microsoft to not favor an Android device.

This comes as the company has laid off 18,000 employees, 12,500 of which belong to Nokia. So it’s clearly not boding well for the future of Nokia.

Source: Microsoft

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