Nokia X Apps Ported To Other Android Devices

Just recently Nokia announced not one but three new smartphones that it will be releasing soon based on the Android platform. The Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL all run on a heavily modified form of Android 4.1.2 which closely resembles a Windows Phone interface and replaces Google services with Microsoft services. So instead of Google Maps there is Nokia Here Maps and instead of the Google Play store there is the Nokia Store.

Nokia Store

Since these devices are based on Android it didn’t take long for someone to figure out how to port the Nokia Store, which is only available right now for Nokia X devices, to other Android devices. Xda-developers forum member opssemnik did all the work in this port which works without any build.prop modifications. Not all the apps available at the Nokia Store can be installed in any Android device though as there are permissions and API incompatibilities. Remember, the apps were created to run on Nokia X devices and not on other Android devices.

One forum member who tested the port said that “The .06 version works flawlessly on my SG3 running JB 4.3. I tried downloading a dozen random Nokia apps and the only minor glitch seems to be that NStore fails to install them even though they download correctly. They simply need to be installed separately after a rename to *.apk from the data folder, at which time they all behave just fine (including maps, radio, etc.). I don’t think I have any need for any Nokia app, but congrats to opssemnik for creating this clever app!!”

Opssemnik is also currently working in porting MixRadio, a Pandora style streaming service available for Nokia X devices. This service allows anyone to create a custom playlist based on the artist that they enter. Basic service is free while the premium version costs $4 a month. The port of this app requires the build.prop file of an Android device to be modified so that it will trick the app into thinking that it is installed in a Nokia X device.

We are hoping that this is just the beginning and that more Nokia apps will be ported over to Android devices.

via xda-developer 1,2