Nokia Rumored to Drop Samsung as Components Manufacturer


Samsung has been involved in a rigorous patent suit with Apple since the past couple of years. Samsung has been found to be infringing on some of the patents held by Apple. Samsung was alleged of copying several design elements of the iPhone 3GS. Maybe for this reason, Apple decided to move away from Samsung as the manufacturer of its A series chips which are used on the iPhones and iPads. And now, it seems like Nokia is following suit for similar reasons. It is believed that Nokia which receives memory modules, display panels and other key components from Sammy, is looking to ditch the South Korean manufacturer as the supplier of the said components. The reason apparently isn’t clear but it is being stated that the company believes that Samsung copied a few of its designs. This is something Apple repeatedly accused Samsung of doing. It’s rather strange though that even Nokia is said to be citing similar reasons.

According a person familiar with the matter as quoted by Apple Insider – “The ‘firewall’ between component sales and smartphones [at Samsung] is about as sturdy as a pile of kimchee.” He further mentioned that Samsung has “a record of getting orders for next-gen components, then canceling the orders. And then they show up in a Samsung phone. When you see a Samsung (certain specialized new design for) OLED phone as you surely will, you are looking at something that was stolen from Nokia.

We’re not quite sure as to which displays Samsung makes for Nokia, but we’re guessing it’s those AMOLED panels we see on some Nokia devices these days. Memory modules could be the component which Samsung sells the most, and if anything we hear here is true, then Samsung certainly has a few things to worry about. With Apple moving to TSMC for the A series chips, Samsung certainly wouldn’t have expected this. Of course, none of this is confirmed info as we’re yet to get official word on this from Nokia and Samsung. Design theft is a very sensitive issue in the tech world and rightly so. Samsung needs to look into ways where it can up the ante and improve its products and make it stand out from the crowd rather than make it resemble the competition. As we see the Galaxy flagships today, there’s nothing to write home about when it comes to design. So we’re hoping that will change in the future, beginning with the Galaxy S IV. In the meantime, we’ll keep our ears open for anything on this Nokia-Samsung split rumor.

Source: Apple Insider
Via: WP Central