Nokia Lumia 800 hits the top 10 chart in UK

If you thought that the Nokia Lumia series of Windows Phone smart phones would never sell well, you are proved wrong. The thing which has not happened with any of the other Windows Phone smart phone manufacturers has some how happened to Nokia. Yes, the company has been able to sell the Windows Phone series, Lumia, very well, and the Nokia Lumia 800 being on the top. The United Kingdom top 10 best selling smart phones list has been recently updated and it brings in Nokia Lumia in.  And no just that, the list also says that the ever green Apple iPhone 4S is losing its ground. That is a bit shocking, do you not think?

MobileToday reports that their continuing promotion of their handsets have paid off, and the Nokia Lumia 800 is not only back in the top 10 sales in the UK, but also recorded the fastest growing sales in the top 10, outstripping rivals such as RIM, Samsung and HTC.

Nokia has achieved this with its awesome marketing. And if you buy the Nokia Lumia 800 from Carphone Warehouse, you will get free with a  £15.50 per month plan. Not just this, you will also get a free set of Monster headphones, worth £199, and £40 worth of apps. That is a pretty sweet deal.

CCS Insight director Ben Wood said

‘This is encouraging news for Nokia. It is not pricing alone but also Nokia’s hard work with the channels to raise awareness and understanding of the Lumia 800 which is showing dividends. Maintaining this momentum with the launch of the Lumia 610 will be critical and I think Nokia fully understands that.’

Not just this, the Finnish company has got a good partner network. The company has a lot of partners world wide for the sales of its Lumia series of smart phones. And according to Nokia, it is very important for the company to listen to its partners and offer as much better service as it can to its partners so that the partnership remains intact. Yes, that is very important.

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  1. failure is always less likely if you trust Microsoft…they have enuf resources and technical expertise to succeed even after failing…many of my frnds who used to laugh at my decision of buyin windows phone are themselves buying one…very happy to see this…

  2. After all it seems that Nokia’s decision to abandon Symbian and go with Microsoft was right…

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