Nokia Could Announce Low End Lumia WP8 Smartphone at MWC 2013


Nokia’s ambitions in the smartphone market do not come down one bit, which is how a company should be. But its recent offerings like the Lumia 920, 820, 822 (Verizon) and 620 are only marginally doing well in the market. The problem in my opinion is not the hardware from Nokia, but the software/operating system on board. But let’s not get into that debate again and spark of a mini riot here at The Droid Guy, because we have good news for Nokia enthusiasts. It appears as if the manufacturer has a new low-end cost effective smartphone under the wraps, waiting to be unveiled at the upcoming MWC 2013 event in Barcelona. Reuters cites its industry sources and mentions that the MWC event will be host to the announcement of the next WP8 running Lumia smartphone. It is widely believed that Nokia will unveil the ultra cheap Lumia 520 during the course of the event, which could be a WP8 successor to the Lumia 510. If everything we’ve heard so far is true, this could well be the cheapest Windows Phone in the market, beating even the Lumia 510.

Also said to be featured during the event are Nokia’s low end Asha series of handsets which have a huge market in developing nations. These S40 based smartphones shouldn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table, as they merely finish the company’s lineup for the first half of the year. Along with these rumored devices, it’s not known whether we’ll get to see the much anticipated Lumia 1000, which is claimed to pack a 41MP Pureview sensor, similar to the one seen on the Nokia 808. If Nokia actually manages to launch the device during the event, then we won’t be looking anywhere else, that’s a given.

However, if the recent trend has been any indication, Nokia doesn’t usually believe in announcing flagships at a joint event. The company, like Samsung, likes to hold its own events for major flagship announcements. Manufacturers like Sony, LG however don’t mind getting lost in the crowd of smartphones as they announce their devices mostly in joint events like the CES or MWC. So could Nokia treat us to a low end Nokia Lumia device along with a high end flagship? The possibility of seeing the two together is unlikely, but I’m certain the Finns have something big in store for us in the future. Especially after the sales of the Lumia 920, which hasn’t quite met expectations after the massive media coverage and widespread hype.  Nokia’s availability during the course of the event has been confirmed, but we haven’t quite been teased to a new flagship device launch, so we guess it will be a pretty low key event for the Finns. The Asha lineup of smartphones and the Lumia 520 or any other low end Lumia that the company announces, should do plenty for the company’s steadily dipping marketshare.

Source: Reuters
Via: Unwired View