No Epic 4G Froyo Sunday? Worse Than A Lump of Coal

** Please notice the question mark after Sunday**

Website is reporting that the Samsung Epic 4G update to Froyo that is supposed to take place Sunday won’t happen after all.

According to the site there is nothing in Sprint’s internal communication called “Playbook” that cites that the update is happening. Someone that made a comment on their story said that Sprint’s internal communications never relayed anything about the¬† Froyo update to the Samsung Intercept, however one of our Sprint ninjas showed us at a Sprint corporate store where it did indeed make mention of the upcoming Froyo update so that discredited the comment maker.

Of course because it’s Christmas Eve (and they should be off) no one is returning email for comment. A Baltimore area Sprint Manager who spoke to thedroidguy on conditions of anonymity as always, said that at this point the update was just a rumor.

The Froyo update for the Epic 4G is supposed to be pushed out OTA via Google and not Sprint. The timing did strike us as a little bit odd. While we are confident if the update does happen Sunday it’s going to be “rolled out” meaning not everyone will get it at once, carriers typically are in the loop. Not only that but both the carriers and Google make sure that there is a team monitoring the update and that call centers are prepared to handle an influx of calls from customers about updates. This is how the Intercept problems were detected and handled so quickly.
We find it a stretch to believe they would bulk up call center staffing and train them on an update the day after Christmas.

What do you think?

Please check the briefmobile story out here.

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