Nimbuzz app redesigned for BlackBerry


Popular social app on Android, Nimbuzz, is all set to undergo a makeover to fit the BlackBerry bill. A cross messaging mobile platform, the app provides file sharing, chatting, video messaging and other social networking services, placing it among the five most popular chat apps in the Android market. The service will be redesigned for BlackBerry 10, integrating Facebook, GTalk and Yahoo to enable its users to share pictures, video, audio and messages across mobile devices.

BlackBerry users can enjoy an additional feature of chat rooms and peer to peer messaging for group chats. Its multimedia feature helps to cut costs in sharing data across geographies with friends and family. In the pipeline are other great features like allowing a user to upload pictures, statuses, messages and chat on Facebook and twitter without having to close the app. This comes from better integration of the Nimbuzz app on BlackBerry with social networks Facebook and twitter. In addition to social networking, the app allows BlackBerry users to access the N-world, Nimbuzz’s very own entertainment zone.

BlackBerry is making every effort to pick the most popular apps for its new operating system, BlackBerry 10. Nimbuzz is definitely on the list with the kind of popularity it enjoys on other platforms. The app is used by over a million Smartphone consumers and is the preferred way to keep in touch, with low cost video and file sharing services available in addition to being a chat app. BlackBerry is being very selective about the kind of features it is offering its customers with the new BB10. Picking the best Apple’s off the tree seems to be BB’s mantra for its brand new operating system. Whatever the reason, Nimbuzz definitely fits the bill.