Nexus Q Launch Delayed; Pre-ordered Google Nexus Q Shipped Today

The launch of Google’s home entertainment device which was supposed to be released last month has been delayed once again, but Google is making it up to the customers who had already pre-ordered it by shipping it free of charge to them starting today.  At the moment, Google has not said anything regarding when Nexus Q will be made available.  What we know though is that it will be retailing at $299 in the US market.

The ball-shaped Nexus Q home entertainment device which we talked about in this post sold out on the first day on Google Play Store (we talked about it here) and was meant to be a direct competitor to Apple’s TV though with added advantages and features.

Rumor though is that Google delayed the launch of the Nexus Q device indefinitely because of poor feedback they received from people who attended their I/O conference in July.  The attendees had been given a free Nexus Q device for an early preview.  I read somewhere too that Google too admits that the Nexus Q is almost a very useless device in the state it is in – not sure that ‘state’ it is referred to though.

A few tech blogs over the past couple of hours have reported that the Nexus Q pre-orders are shipping already.  From the look of things, Google is not very optimistic with Google Nexus Q but it has not decided just what to do about it.  It is likely that the device sold out on its first day on Google Play because enthusiasts were just too eager to lay their hands on the device for disassembly and reviewing rather than for actual use it was intended for.  By giving away the Nexus Q in its current state to those who had pre-ordered at no charge, Google is strategically adopting a marketing and PR strategy – give away a few units and keep customers happy and keep their name clean.

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  1. Got my Q yesterday. I’ve just started to use it. It works fine out of the box. The interface is interesting in that you can “connect” your tablet (I have a Xoom) or phone (LG Spectrum) to a Q device; then you just go to your YouTube or Google Music or Google Play application and you can direct the playing to be sent to the device – there’s a little broadcast icon you click to turn this on/off.

    Of course, in and of itself, that functionality isn’t too thrilling. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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