Nexus Player gets a $20 price cut from the Google Store

Nexus Player

The Nexus Player was launched by Google late last year as one of the premier Android TV devices. And with a price tag of just $99, the device was quite attractive to new buyers. But now the company has decided to slash the pricing further by making the device available for $79, slashing a further $20 off the price tag. This should come as good news for customers who were looking to purchase the Nexus Player over the coming days.

It’s still too early to tell if this is a permanent price reduction as we’re not used to Google slashing the prices of items on its official store. Either way, it makes sense to invest in the Nexus Player at this discounted price before Google changes its mind. This price reduction essentially means that you can have the Nexus Player plus the ASUS wireless game controller bundle for just $119.

It is important to note that third party retailers have offered the Nexus Player for about the same price or even lesser in some cases, so the price cut isn’t exactly new. But the fact that it’s coming right from Google indicates that other retailers could further decrease the selling price, which could only mean good news for the consumers.

Are you more likely to get the Nexus Player after this new price cut? Sound off in the comments section below. Make sure you head over to the Google Store link below to get the Nexus Player at this discounted price.

Source: Google Store

Via: Android Police