Nexus 7 TV Ads Perform Better than Apple’s new Genius Ads

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A new report by Ace Metrix suggests that Google’s Nexus 7 adverts are more effective than Apple’s Mac Genius ads. Both the companies are pushing these TV ads extensively as there is a huge increase in viewership due to the ongoing London Olympics.  Ace Metrix is a firm which specializes in analysis of ads and how people respond to it. Although the ads from Google and Apple are way apart from each other as one is endorsing the tablet while the other speaks of an Apple Genius helping out people with their Macs, it gives us a fair idea of how people are generally responding. A fair comparison in my opinion would be of the iPad and the Nexus 7, which would still favor the Nexus 7 as there is a fair amount of sentimental value involved in Google’s ad.

Google’s father-son ad of the Nexus 7 has garnered a lot of attention and accrued praises for its simplicity. The Apple Genius ads however aren’t that impressive and go against the company’s policy of “It Just Works”, as people in the ads seem to have no clue how to operate a Mac. Apple has launched three new Genius ads for the Olympics season.

The Nexus 7 ad shows a father and son on a camping trip (later revealed to be their own backyard) using the Nexus 7 to play chess, use the compass, read a novel etc. This makes the ad more interesting and appealing to almost all sets of audiences. The ad scored 662 out of 950 which is better than most ads apparently. According to the Executive VP-Marketing of Ace Metrix, Mr. Jonathan Symonds – “Google has taken their strong emotional appeal and married that with strong product demonstration”.

Google has managed to get things right with the Nexus 7 advertisement and interestingly, this is the company’s first hardware based TV ad since the Nexus One back in 2010. Apple’s iPhone ads featuring Samuel Jackson, Martin Scorsese, John Malkovich and Zooey Deschanel have managed to impress, but Apple can’t say the same about the new Genius ads. Apple is believed to be prepping a mini version of the iPad to tackle the Nexus 7 in its own way, so we have that to look forward to as well as the new iPhone. Looking at the current scheme of things, it seems like the momentum will slightly shift towards Apple in the days to come.

Source: Ace Metrix, Adage
Via: Phandroid