Nexus 5 Voice Input is Missing in Keyboard

Nexus 5 Voice Input

A email came in The Droid Guy Mailbag about a missing voice input shortcut in the keyboard of the Nexus 5. It reads, “I noticed that my new Nexus 5 has missing voice input shortcut in its keyboard. How do I access it?”

How to Access the Nexus 5 Voice Input Feature

Here are ways to access the Nexus 5 voice input feature:

1. Use the Shortcut Command

Hold down the space bar and you should see a popup menu that will let you select Google Voice Input.

2. Enable it in Your Keyboard Through the Settings

To enable the Mic Button in the keyboard which will let you quickly access the Nexus 5 voice input feature, got to Settings. Then, go to “Language and Input”. From there, make sure that the “Android Keyboard” and “Google Voice Typing” boxes are checked.

Still No Access to Nexus 5 Voice Shortcut

If the above solutions do not work, there might be a bug in your phone preventing you from accessing the feature. To solve this, try these possible fixes:

1. Enter Safe Mode

There must be a third-party app preventing you from utilizing the usual features of your phone. Confirm if there are any by entering Safe Mode. From there, try to activate the voice input feature using the steps in the previous section of this article and observe if the problem persists. If the problem is solved, try to locate the third-party app causing it and uninstall it.

2. Do a Factory Reset

Some bugs may also be caused by the corrupted system files of your device. One way to totally fix them is by performing a Factory Reset. It is important to backup your unit prior to this though because it will completely restore your Nexus 5 to its factory settings and erase all the data you stored there.

3. Update Google Keyboard or Install Alternative Keyboard Apps

Try updating your Google keyboard app via the Google Play store. New updates will likely fix some glitches you acquired from the last update you installed. If that fails, download keyboard apps that can serve as your alternative.

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Source: Android Central Forum

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  1. Wow I seen this and had to leave a comment. Long press the button right to the left of the space bar and a settings icon will pop up. From there select input languages and select English (US) and the mic on the keyboard will be there. The Droid Guy change your name to noob guy cause you just told who ever looks at this to reset their phone.

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