Nexus 5 Caught In The Wild for Umpteenth Time, Global November 1 Launch Definite Possibility

There’s so little mystery left surrounding the oft-rumored Google/LG Nexus 5 and the rumor extravaganza has gotten so out of control lately that one has to wonder whether the actual official announcement won’t go completely unnoticed.

Nexus 5

But what if, even with everything going on, Big G has kept one massive ace up its sleeve? No, the N5 won’t probably cost a penny under $350. And the odds of it packing a larger than 2,300 mAh battery are also slim. As are the chances of upping the screen or hardware ante in any way compared with the LG G2.

Yet bear with me for a second for maybe the wildest theory devised in regards to Nexus 4’s follow-up. What if Google and LG have taken their sweet time before introducing the handheld to book sufficient supply for a simultaneous, well-orchestrated worldwide November 1 launch?

Sounds bonkers, eh? Especially when weighing in the N4 release fiasco from last year, with big countries around the world left hanging until January or February 2013 to see one single unit visit them.

Nexus 5 - 2

But think about it. There’s been so much wild gossip surfacing from so many different countries that it can’t all just be random happenings. There has to be a connection. Or so I’d like to think. And to support my thesis (albeit with circumstantial evidence), I bring you two new tidbits from Malaysia and Hong Kong.

In the former, a Google+ user claims to have spotted the N5 in a local LG service center. You know, just hanging around and chilling. And for some reason, I trust him. After all, his photo is pretty self-explanatory and stars a little phone that can’t be many things.

Now sure, I can’t be certain this is in any way tied to an imminent Nexus 5 launch around those parts, but, to quote Brad Pitt, I don’t believe in coincidences. I’ve heard of them, I’ve just never seen one.

Nexus 5 specs

And when adding in the equation the word of a reputable Hong Kong-based magazine on Facebook, it all becomes clear as day. What does PC Market say? My Chinese is a little rusty, but an approximate Google translation goes a little like this: “Attention!! Nexus 5 licensed booking starts tomorrow, November 1 officially started selling!!! 16GB version is priced at $ 3,898!!!”

So if I understand correctly, the N5 will go up for grabs (as in start selling, not just become official) in Hong Kong the day after tomorrow. For a fairly steep HKD 3,898 (USD 500), but that’s beside the point. And the point is, in 48 short hours, the entire world could be Google Nexus 5 territory. Now wouldn’t that be the stuff of legends?

Via [Google Plus], [Facebook]