Nexus 4 Problems After Updating to 4.3 Version

Nexus 4

Helen, a Nexus 4 user sent to us this message after installing the recent 4.3 OTA update: “I have just updated my nexus 4 to 4.3. Now, the gallery is not working‚ I can’t install or update apps, or even set a ringtone. Whenever I try to set one it says ‘settings do not work’. Please help me out.”

The Cause of the Nexus 4 Problem After OTA Update

It did not take us long to find the cause of the problem because a lot of Nexus 4 users have been airing similar complaints in the threads of other sites like Phone Review. According to the customers who just updated their Nexus 4 to version 4.3, problems similar to Helen’s complaint have started appearing in their devices.

The other issues noticed by several users also include frequent overheating, auto restarting and the freezing of the phone’s multitouch feature. But the worst that was stated in the threads was the issue about the Nexus 4 getting into an infinite loop between the Google screen and X screen. Looking at these, we are positive that the cause of the errors is definitely from the recent OTA update.

Solution to the Nexus 4 Problem After OTA Update

For Nexus 4 users who are encountering this, they are strongly advised to contact their carrier or phone manufacturer about it. Then, they should download and install the fix once they are made available. A factory reset may also be worth a try after updating but this is not a guarantee that the matter will be solved.  Another solution is via rooting and flashing of the ROM. However, remember that there are more downsides associated with these procedures if not done properly.

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8 Replies to “Nexus 4 Problems After Updating to 4.3 Version”

  1. Upper half gets heated up every now and then even if I’m not using it..
    Phone restarts frequently, specifically during video calls. May be this is due to heating itself.

  2. If you’re having problems downloading or updating apps, you could try removing your Google account then sign in again. Helps most of the time.
    Not having problems with my phone but I do notice a bit of touch lagg sometimes..

  3. The not able to update apps sounds a lot like the problem people complained about after forcing the update by clearing the services framework. The overheating could be related, too. Glad I was patient enough to let it hit my Nexus 4 & 7 naturally.

  4. I have that same problem of icon appearing on the notification area with every launcher i use, additionally these are also the problems i have faced uptil now:
    1. Interface glitch when clearing/sliding app via multitasking. (Some black patch appears for a second)
    2. Some videos are playing jittery via tha gallery (i usually use mx player)
    3. There is a noticeable increase in consumed ram than before (in Clean Master app widget)
    4. Some apps such as HotSpot Shield now never connects (might b app specific problem?)
    5. Camera from the lockscreen starts at a noticeable delay (clearly a bugger)

    Can i list more?

  5. I forced the update by clearing the framework services, my phones working good, installed apps and everything, but lot of people suggesting that clearing the framework services affects the phone please do reply

  6. No problem here. I got the update over the air 4 days ago. It told me I had an update but I only had 30% battery. To be on the safe side I charged it for an hour or so and then applyed the update. The only problem I see is I use a different UI program (can’t remember the name) its little icon shows up in the notification area. The only way for me to turn it off is to click the notification and turn “set notify” on and off again. Kind of strange. So far everything else is fine.

  7. Seems these issues due to users forcing the update by clearing data in the Google services framework and stopping it then check for updates. After updates can’t install apps, etc.

  8. I had the problem of not being able to install apps and updating apps, all I did was remove my gmail account and then add it again and it works just as it normally did 🙂 hope this helps 🙂

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