Nexus 4 Is Actually Unlocked On O2 UK’s Network Despite Previous Reports Saying Otherwise


If you’re residing in the United Kingdom, chances are you weren’t able to pick up Google’s LG-manufactured Nexus 4. Although, you may still be able to grab yourself a 16GB model of the Nexus 4. It’s a bit more expensive, but might be away to get a Nexus 4 earlier than just about everyone else with the backorder and all. If you’ve been following the tech world at all, you should know that O2 was able to get a month of exclusivity with Google’s Nexus 4. That means that O2 will be the only carrier in the UK you can get a Nexus 4 from until mid-December or so. While you could argue that Carphone Warehouse has the Nexus 4 as well, O2 is carrying an unlocked Nexus 4 while Carphone Warehouse is not offering the new device SIM-free.

Android Central reports that despite O2 saying that the Nexus 4 was not SIM-free, avid Android Central forum goer tomjdavies says otherwise:

I got my Nexus 4 from O2 today. They were adamant in-store that it was locked to O2 but I made them put my Vodafone sim in it – and it worked, much to my joy ha. I paid £399.99 plus £10 for a pay as you go SIM.

That said, if you’re willing to drop a whopping £400 plus an extra £10 for the SIM, you can walk away from the store with a brand new unlocked Nexus 4 while everyone else in the waits for their device to ship (Google sent out a mass e-mail saying its on backorder). Regardless though, you should wait to get a Nexus 4 until O2 makes an official confirmation that it is indeed unlocked and not locked on their network as they had confirmed a while ago.

Are you going to be getting a Nexus 4 from O2, or would you rather wait for it to get in-stock in Google Play again?

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source: Android Central