Next generation USB Type-C cable to come in July; Solves USB wrong insertion problems

The biggest problems we have had with US cables, ports and devices may soon be over as images of the next generation Type C USB cable surface, showing that the next USB cable you will be able to insert it in reverse.  This means that you will have a 100% chance of inserting the USB cable the right way – no more trying, flip the cable, try again, flip again, try, before getting it right.

The new USB standard, referred to as the USB Type C (USB 3.1) is the third design and it brings a completely new design that makes the USB port much smaller but with more and greater usability enhancements, top among them being reversible connector that is symmetrical.  The new cable will also enable manufacturers to come up with thinner, sleeker and smaller USB hardware optimized for future USB performance standards which include data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second.  Are you excited?  I am.

USB 3.1 Type C

The new USB cables are built on USB 3.1 but they will not be backwards compatible.  This means that the new technology will not or may not work with older USB designs, at least not without an adapter.  Note that the USB technology advancement is universal, not just for Android devices.  Even your mouse, thumb drive, printer and anything connecting to USB will eventually have to change when the new USB technology is adopted by the populace.  The new USB prong is just 2.5 mm wide and 8.3 mm long, which makes it way smaller than the current standard USB prong, but larger than the current USB Type B which is 6.85 mm long and 1.8 mm wide.

The new USB Type C design also introduces new features besides reversibility including an audible click when the cable or device connects properly and can be plugged in and unplugged over 10,000 times.  It is also designed to accommodate any future USB incarnations, thanks to the higher data transfer speeds and it will also support power connectivity to charge devices using the USB Power Deliver technology.

The USB Implementers Forum (IF) that oversees the development of the Universal Serial Bus specifications announced the new USB cable and port back in December but it is just now that we are learning of the exact design of the USB cables and ports they chose to adopt.  Now that it is done and we have a design, we just need to wait for the specific details, official design images and full list of changes.

USB plug in problems

IF hinted that the new USB specifications will be launched around July, and products boasting of this technology could start appearing in shelves as early as before the year ends.  With USB being the most remarkable connection technology in almost any programmable computing device, the change will be much welcome and the new design will be expected to form new connection possibilities e.g. connecting devices to cars and other smart devices and home and office appliances like refrigerators, home theater systems etc.

*Images are artist’s impressions, final product could be significantly different.


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  1. aand at the end of 2016 I got a Google Pixel that has a USB-C connector… yay!

  2. “products boasting of this technology could start appearing in shelves as early as before the year ends.” (2014) It’s the end of 2015… fml

  3. I agree. I also have that problem when trying to insert my usb on my computer most of the time. This new USB design will actually help me a lot and the new features sounds good.

  4. Heh, this is awesome. I can’t even begin to say how many issues I have with the insertion of a USB cable. On the other hand, I wonder how long these cables are going to take to circulate enough where they are common to have.

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