Next big Facebook Messenger update could bring SMS and multi-account support

Facebook Messenger

A new report is talking of a major #Facebook Messenger revamp that could take place soon. It is said that Facebook could be looking to bundle in support for SMS or text messages, which could be a potential game changer for the company. Further, it is said that Messenger could finally bring support for multiple accounts. This could be a godsend for those who handle more than one account on Facebook (business and personal).

Facebook Messenger SMS

The SMS feature will supposedly be highlighted with purple conversations in order to make them stand out from standard Messenger threads. There are currently a bundle of third party SMS apps for Android, but Facebook could make most of them obsolete if it rolls out these feature on a wider scale.

Don’t expect to see these features on Messenger anytime soon though as it’s currently said to be in testing. The feature is in testing for a limited number of customers in the U.S. You can check for compatibility by heading over to Settings and looking for “Change SMS App” button on Messenger.

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Via: Android Police