New Website Offers Help When Selecting Android Device


With so many different Android devices hitting the market almost weekly it can be overwhelming to find the right Android device to fit you needs.   Well have no fear because Droidthing is here to help you out in your time of need.   You see Droidthing is a website that offers all you need to know about every Android device available. is the latest creation by Silicon Valley entrepreneur and techy Karl Lautman, who has served in various positions in technology marketing since the 1980s
When you get on this mega Android device database you have choices.   You can select certain criteria you are looking for in an Android phone or you can do side by side comparisons of certain phones.  Also Droidthing offers phone reviews and forums that can also aid you in your search for the perfect Android phone that fits your needs.   Of course there are pictures of every device that is stored in this one stop shop for Android phone information.
So if you need help in the ever expanding world of Android phones,  head on over to and get the help you need.  Who knows you may even learn something new about a device or find out the device you currently own isn’t right for you.

Source: Android Community