New to Android Check Out These Introduction to Android Videos

Wherever we turn in the Android world we hear one thing echoed, and that is growth! The latest figure announced by anyone at Google was 250,000 activations a day told to Forbes magazine a month and a half ago that means we have a lot of new users. A quick look at Facebook and Twitter, you see the same thing. “I just got my new Android device”, now what.

It’s hard sometimes being an Android evangilist or journalist to think back to what it’s like for a new person to Android and that’s exactly why Android Renissance Man, Russell Holly, did these videos for

What’s a widget? I know it’s a good thing but what is it?

How do I change something in settings?

Apps, where do I get them?

All three of these questions are answered in the videos below, so this Holiday season if you just got a new Android device for Chanukah or you have one coming for Christmas check these videos out!

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