New Study Shows Android Owners Are Most Loyal

A new study from Zokem shows that Android users are more likely to purchase an Android phone then even iPhone users are likely to purchase another iPhone.

Since the introduction of Android there has been a lot of speculation about why people decided to purchase an Android device. iPhone fanboys would like to think it’s because Android users simply couldn’t get an iPhone on the carrier of choice. However most Android users realize that Android allows for freedom of choice and variety. You can get a good Android handset on any of the four major carriers and the two largest regional carriers US Cellular and Cellular South. In fact Cellular South has an impressive line up of 6 very good Android devices.

Freedom of Choice
Apple has always done one thing well. That says it all they put all their gusto behind one product or OS or a variation of it (keeping in mind an iPad is just a large iPod touch right?). Android gives the customer the freedom of choice in operating system, pricing, carrier and form factor something that Apple just can’t offer.  If you want, or demand an iPhone with a qwerty keyboard you are SOL.  That’s actually one of the reasons people abandon Blackberry for Android.  In addition there are a lot of trendsetting features introduced via Android and picked up later by iPhone for the simple reason that Android is so easy to work with on a developer stand point.

In the Android eco-system developers aren’t just college kids sitting in a dorm room writing code. Or even 14 year old boys coming home from school to hammer out a program.  Developers like those found on XDA or Cyanogen’s Team Douche, and not to mention the countless developers who work at it all day, aren’t just working with software they are finding new ways to harness the power of Android and put it in new devices and apply it to different Vertical markets. Adoption for developers is easier with Android because the source codes are often easier to find.

Iphone on Verizon
Despite the iPhone on Verizon announcement the study suggests, and is probably still intact because of how intense the Verizon rumors were pre-iphone, there isnt millions of people who bought an Android phone and are just going to throw it away because iPhone is here.  The notion in itself is actually pretty silly. Right?  But here’s what those customers who bought Android just because iPhone wasn’t available are now experiencing. They are either people who made the decision to buy Android because they were fed up that iPhone only came on one carrier. Then there are others who tried an iPhone on AT&T were burned on dropped calls or inferior service.

We aren’t going to deny there are Android users out there who purchased an Android device and really wanted an iPhone and then didn’t adopt to Android so they will switch when Verizon releases the iPhone in a couple of weeks.  We can’t fault those people either but there are a far less amount of them then some news sites actually think.

Source: Intomobile

3 Replies to “New Study Shows Android Owners Are Most Loyal”

  1. I think what’s most interesting in the study is that while all the other phones but Androids have 4 or 5 repurchase options, there are only 2 for Android phone users.
    9 out of 10 will get another Android phone, while 1 out of 10 will go the iPhone way (blah)

  2. I love my droid! 1 thing I was sad to see is that iPhone had a higher percentage overall on everything!

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