New Staples Infographic Shows Trends In Tablet Useage

Tablets are burning up the charts in the United States, and big box office supply retailer Staples has taken notice.

Staples has released a really cool infographic showing tablet trends and what people are doing with their tablets. According to the infographic 82.1 million people in the United States will own a tablet by 2015, but right now Americans are already using their tablets with some impressive stats.

According to the graphic the average American is spending 90 minutes a day on their device. 88.3% of people say they use tablets while traveling. We certainly do, not just for data, and cruising the internet, but for streaming movies and Netflix to hotel room TVs.

A whopping 35% of Americans have revealed that they use their tablet in the bathroom.  54% of tablet owners are 34 and over.

One of the most interesting factoids from this infographic is the fact that 80% of tablet owners feel that tablets have helped with their work/life balance.

source: Staples via Phandroid

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