New Samsung patent filing reveals a tablet with curved edges

Samsung Patent

A new Samsung patent filing has revealed a mystery tablet with an interesting looking design. This device seems to have slightly curved sides, while the display itself is not curved. This could make for a better handheld experience, as only the ends are curved and not the entire tablet itself. Of course, the exact implementation and use of this design can only be ascertained once Samsung makes the tablet official.

It is interesting to note that this tablet is also seen to be missing the conventional Samsung home button, which is quite interesting as no other tablet from the manufacturer apart from the Nexus 10 was seen to be missing this feature. So could this new tablet be the much rumored Nexus 10 successor? Only time will tell.

At the moment, all we have is this patent application, so it’s hard to predict when the tablet will be announced by the Korean manufacturer. Samsung is rumored to have plenty of tablets lined up for 2014, so this could most likely be one of them.

Source: USPTO

Via: Phone Arena

3 Replies to “New Samsung patent filing reveals a tablet with curved edges”

  1. Yeah–I hope we hear some news on the next Nexus 10 this year. The original was and still is fantastic, but I’ve been ready for a new one since the 2013 Nexus 7 launched! 🙂

  2. I agree! If the only difference is the curved edges I won’t be purchasing it. I have a couple tablets already. I wonder when the next Nexus 10 will be out. I am pretty excited about that.

  3. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions on a possible Nexus 10. As you said, Samsung has a lot of stuff coming out of the pipeline this year. To be honest, it’s probably the next Note 10.1, but again, it’s too early to make assumptions.

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