New press image shows the GPE Galaxy S5 without the onscreen keys

Galaxy S5 GPE

A leak from yesterday gave us a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the rumored stock Android flavor. However, this GPE device was shown to be carrying onscreen navigation buttons which is odd for a Samsung device as it already comes with buttons on the bottom bezel. A newer leak has now surfaced from the same source which shows these changes, which practically means that the previous leak was nothing but a poor photoshop job.

Much like last year’s GPE Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S5 will be one of the rare stock Android devices to not have onscreen navigation keys. We’re not sure how much longer Google will take to announce the smartphone, but it shouldn’t be too long based on what we’ve heard from leaks so far.

The smartphone even made a short appearance on the Play Store before eventually being taken down from the site. With the HTC One M8 already available in the GPE flavor, it’s surprising that Samsung is taking this long to bring its device to the Play Store. But as we have said before, the implementation of the built-in fingerprint scanner and the heart rate monitor on the back might be causing troubles with stock Android.

Source: Evleaks