New Power Options from Energizer

I have used a lot of different “USB power packs” over the last couple of years—especially when I was carrying a T-Mobile G1 as my daily phone. Unfortunately, a lot of these battery packs stopped charging themselves or my phone. This is not a problem I’ve had with the Energizer packs that kept my phone on through CES and CTIA this year. And that’s not to say that they are all perfect or will last forever (because come on, that’s not reasonable), but they’ve been more reliable than the others I’ve personally tried. And now Energizer is creating more products to help make battery-powered life easier.

In the works are Energizer’s new USB wall and car chargers. These will come in one- and two-port models, and can charge any device with a USB cable. The USB ports are on the front of the device and unobstructed for easy use (as seen on right). However, these are not for sale just yet, but keep an eye open for them at local retailers or online.

As battery technology evolves, so do the actual battery packs and their designs. Right now my favorite (previously the XP4000) is the XP2000K travel kit—my phone’s daily savior (seen above). It can be charged in your car, from a USB port, or a wall outlet and comes with a convenient carrying case for all of the adapters and cables. This model has been on the top of my list for about two months, but that’s not to say they won’t design something else I’ll like more. Additionally, since this is a relatively new product from Energizer, you should take a look at it here.I think the size, weight, battery meter and overall convenience are what won me over with this particular model.

If you’d like to take a look at the other products they offer, head over to Energizer’s power packs site where you can find pictures, information, and links to stores you can buy from online.