New Opera Mini for Android adds social and local updates

The Opera Mini web browser for smart phones is one of the very popular web browsing apps there are. The most wonderful feature of the app is that it displays all your bookmarks in the form of small thumbnails in one tab of the app, and the company calls it Speed Dial. Also, if you observe closely, the Opera Mini web browser sometimes loads up a page faster than most other web browsers on the same smart phone. This is because of some kind of backend compressing used by the app.

Today, the company has come up with a new release of the Opera Mini web browser for Android with some really cool new features. To begin with, the Smart Page. The new Smart Page on the app keeps you updated with all the latest news of your choice, local to your location and also world news, and updates from your friends from different social networking websites. That is a cool way to be updated.

We have seen this feature on desktop browsers before, but bringing it to the smart phone is a very good job done by Opera. The app learns about your browsing habits as time progresses and then shows you relevant information or news on the smart page. As Opera itself puts it, “the more online you are, the smarter the app gets.” The apps logs everything you browse or search for using the app. It then learns a pattern of your browsing and then, starts aggregating news from different sources that it thinks you would like.

And most of the times, the app would be correct. Not just this, the app will also connect with various social networking sites and get updates from your friends. These updates are also presented to you on the Smart Page in a very neat and clean fashion. So staying updated socially also would not be a problem. If you are interested in the app, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store over here.

Source: MobileBurn