New iPhone, Macbook Tweaks, Upgraded OS and Other Services Expected this Monday

[Photo Source: Daily News]
[Photo Source: Daily News]
The coming Worldwide Developers Conference this Monday is expected to showcase a new iPhone, a couple of Macbook tweaks, an upgraded operating system and other new services of the company.

Based on the report of Daily News, the 2013 WWDC is definitely something that Apple fans can definitely look forward to because it will likely launch a barrage of products which will surely be a hit in the market later.

New iPhone

The report speculates that the new iPhone might be the iPhone 5S. Although other sources say that Apple might skip the iPhone 5S and head straight to the release of the iPhone 6, the report remains firm that consumers will not see the rumored Apple smartphone with larger screen display until early next year. It explained that the unveiling of the iPhone 5S will be made in preparation for its circulation in the market in September this year.

New iPad

The iPad Mini Retina is expected to come out in the event too. The product is predicted to cost less than the current one because it will carry a price of $230 as opposed to the $329 price tag of its predecessor, the report went on. The new iPad is forecasted to hit the market later this year said the source.

New Operating System for Mac

The news source also claimed that Tim Cook, Apple CEO, will likely give the audience a preview of the new operating system of the company for its Mac computers during his traditional keynote speech. The Mac OS X 10.9, the Mountain Lion’s successor, will likely feature another animal which is the Lynx.

Other New Products, Apps and Services

For the other hardware, apps and services of Apple, the report claims that fans can look forward to a new iPod, iRadio, enhancements in Siri and other services connected with iTunes.

Products that are Not Likely to Debut at the 2013 WWDC

The source played down the possible introduction of the rumored next Apple TV. There is no mention of the iWatch in the article, indicating that it will not be featured in the event as well.

Source: Daily News