New iPhone 5S leaked image shows dual-LED flash


The iPhone 5S continues to be leaked, despite rumours it will not come until Q3 or holiday season this year. The design of the iPhone 5S will stay the same, as expected for the S model, but the camera and battery life will be getting a boost, according to the latest leak.

Some interesting points brought up on the leak include the size of the battery pack, with higher capacity from 5.45 Whr to 5.92 Whr, although we don’t know mAh or any other details. On the back of the iPhone it now contains a dual-LED flash, which would be a first for any Apple smartphone.

The A6 chip may still be running, it is not specified inside the model, although the manufacturing date suggests this is an early prototype model of the iPhone 5S, designed in October 2012.

Source: MacRumors