New Images Taken With the Galaxy S 4 Leaked


It seems like the Galaxy S IV just doesn’t like getting out of the news. As we’ve already covered two major stories on the smartphone today, a third one has appeared. This one however, brings only good news to the table as there’s no news of delay. This new report actually brings forth leaked images claimed to be captured from the smartphone’s 13MP camera sensor. These sample images are in the 16:9 aspect ratio (4128×2322) which means that the sensor size at the time of the capture would be about 9.6MP, but it goes without saying that the sensor is more than capable of capturing 13MP stills. These images don’t reveal anything extraordinary, but that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s not exactly a photo friendly atmosphere. The EXIF data of the image reveals that the images were taken with the GT-I9500 smartphone, so that pretty much rounds off the rumor. However, we have to take this with a pinch of salt as it isn’t exactly fool proof and this info can be easily edited. There’s way too much info available on these images, which you can check out in detail by hitting the source link.

However, the part which makes the most noise is the allegedly leaked AnTuTu scores of the GT-I9505 which sheds light on the display specifications as well as the CPU info. It seems like the CPU clock speed is set at 1.89 GHz which isn’t all that bad for a flagship device. It clearly doesn’t top the AnTuTu scores chart, but we’re still not sure if this device is real or if it will even see the light of the day. Even if it does, it could very likely be a very early version of the device to actually make justice to its benchmarking scores. Regardless, it’s good to have information like this leak out shortly before the alleged announcement date of the fancy new Samsung flagship. The CPU clock speed strongly hints that the device is not behind when it comes to new age devices, so it should be interesting to see how this smartphone pans out to be.


There have been several reports about the Galaxy S IV making rounds in the internet and we’ve been rather skeptical in believing them. The recent rumors suggest that Samsung is having trouble getting the device together and might seek the help of rival chip maker Qualcomm to provide chips in time for the all important launch of the smartphone. In this day and age where everybody seems to know awfully lot about smartphones and their chipsets, Samsung would want to give its fans the best of the best out there. It’s for this reason that we were hoping for the Exynos 5 Octa to launch with the smartphone. But there’s nothing Samsung can do if it feels that the chip has issues with power consumption, which is crucially important for any smartphone. So let’s hope Samsung gives us something to look forward to on March 14 and manages to impress us like it has been doing since the past couple of years.

Source: Androsym
Via: GSM Arena