New Free Wireless Plan Revealed


There are so many independent service providers now that are trying to provide wireless services which are much lower than major carriers. But a new report by Gizmodo revealed that there is one free wireless plan that is going to hit the public in the near future.

The service provider is called FreedomPop. According to the report, the group was behind the hotspots and routers that have been established in some areas that offer free data allowance, free minutes for calls and free text messaging.

The Freebies

The source said that signing up with the new service will enable users to avail 200 minutes of free calls for different networks. But FreedomPop to FreedomPop calls are unlimited in nature. Then, customers will be able to enjoy 500MB worth of 4G data. That’s not all, the is a free text messaging feature that subscribers can get monthly.

Extra Allowance

People who wish to go beyond the 200 minutes of free calls have to pay $10. But this will already let them subscribe to unlimited minutes of calls for any given month. For the data allowance, the carrier charges $0.02 for every additional MB for users with a free plan or $0.01 per additional MB for customers who availed the monthly plans of the network worth $18 MB for 2GB data or $29 for 4GB data.

The Catch

The report definitely sounds great, but it comes with a couple of catches. For people who are interested of availing its plan, they have to buy a special phone loaded with custom OS-level software up front first, which cost a few hundred dollars. The group also confirmed that they will be offering “select popular Android handsets” for customers.

The source speculates though that the “popular Android handset” might be a couple of aging smartphone devices from LG.

Availability of Service

The service will be available this summer, said Gizmodo. But as early as now, interested parties can now start signing up for FreedomPop’s website.

Source: Gizmodo