New Budget iPhone Could Look Hideous in Yellow, Red and Green, Leaked Images Reveal

Earlier today, images of Apple’s much talked about budget iPhone surfaced somewhere in China and published in a French blog  The pictures of the rear shells of the cheaper iPhone, if genuine, reveal a hideous device with an unconventional Apple design.  The funny thing is that these images match images that leaked about a month ago in China as we reported here and this may show that an earlier confirmation on the existence of the budget iPhone was indeed have true.

Budget iPhone images

Earlier images showed the casings made of cheap plastic in Green.  Yes, the color is scary and amazingly horrible.  Today’s images reveal three casings in Red, Yellow and Green.  You must admit that these colors are Apple’s deliberate move to make their budget phones unattractive – maybe even repulsive, but who are we to judge?

Does the budget iPhone need to look so hideous?

Other than the new color schemes which are clearly a deviation from Apple’s tradition of white and black iPhones, the budget iPhones are to have rounded corners and are barely flat.  It needs to be hideous, according to Tero Kuittenen who wrote an extensive piece on the design and colors of the new iPhone on  He reckons this is Apple’s deliberate move to make sure that that the iPhone device base does not fragment and that users do not trade-in their very expensive iPhones for something cheaper.

Price and availability

Earlier reports indicated that Apple would launch the cheaper iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S and a smaller version of iPhone 5 dubbed iPhone 5 mini or iPhone mini.  the budget iPhone will have a body made out of plastic and is developed specially for the emerging markets, which, even Apple realizes, can be a lucrative market based on the size of the market.  According to a popular Apple ‘leaker’ on twitter Sonny Dickson, Apple will make the budget iPhone available for $349 for the 16 GB versions, $449 for the 32 GB versions and $549 for the 64 GB versions.  As you can see, the ‘low-cost’ or ‘budget’ iPhones aren’t that cheap after all!

At the moment, Apple sells the cheapest unlocked iPhone online on Apple Store for $450 for an 8 GB version.  The new budget smartphones will cost at most $100 cheaper than the current cheapest iPhone – but with twice the memory – but I am certain the materials used to make it are way cheaper, if the leaked images are anything to go by.  What remains to be seen are the other specs of the budget iPhone – specifically the processor, RAM, display and other hardware features.

There is no specific date as to when Apple will launch the Budget iPhone, but all indications point at a date sometime in September, just before the holiday season.  Rumor has it that a mass production of the new cheaper iPhone started about a month ago according to a Chinese website

What do you think about the budget iPhone?

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