Netflix Now Supporting Cyanogenmod 7

As of late many of the Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Android Ecosystem have opened up to the developer community. Samsung has hired Cyanogenmod founder Steve Kondik, HTC has added a bootloader unlocker to their developer site and Motorola has even vowed to start unlocking bootloaders as well.

Now it seems that some of the bigger app partners are warming up to modders as well.  Netflix has now added support for Cyanogenmod 7 devices.  When Netflix first came out for Android it was for limited devices.  Shortly thereafter you could mosey on over to XDA to find a version of Netflix that worked with your device. However Netflix would update and then block all of the unauthorized ports.

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Netflix recently released an update that made Netflix compatible with any device running Android 2.x or higher. Then early this week they announced that Netflix now supports Honeycomb tablets. Yesterday we saw an update with Cyanogenmod 7 listed in the change log.

Netflix has gone through some rough waters lately  Wallstreet reacting strongly to their splitting up traditional DVD services and streaming services. It’s gone as far as some analysts calling for the dismissal of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings earlier this week.  We’re sure that this massive support for Android is another way Netflix is trying to ensure their subscriber numbers don’t bleed anymore than they have.

This, of course, comes as great news for CM7 users who want to run Netflix.

source: Pocketnow